PSA: Sleep is Not Optional

It seems like I’ve long struggled with sleep. Either I haven’t had enough of it, or it was the wrong kind. I’m either getting way too much, or way too little. Consistency is just not my strong suit. Lately, as part of this “get back on my feet” effort, I have been very focused on… Continue reading PSA: Sleep is Not Optional

Emailing In Real Life

  Social media has brought many wonderful people into my life, and today I am feeling very appreciative of some of them. Of course, the challenge with being ostensibly “connected” with so many at once is that I am in danger of losing sight of our real life connections to each other. Now that I’m… Continue reading Emailing In Real Life

Fiddle Beads

Lately I have been reflecting a lot about the mind-body connection, and I am gradually learning to pay more attention to my own body and its signals. I always believed that I enjoyed large crowds of people, for example, but when I was at World Domination Summit just recently, I had a bit of an… Continue reading Fiddle Beads

You Are Better Than You Think You Are

You don’t have to fit in. Stop trying to be perfect. You are never going to reach perfection. Stop it. Really. Start trying to be better. Improve. You will never be perfect, yet you can be excellent. You can become extraordinary. You can live out your vision and your life purpose. There is no causal… Continue reading You Are Better Than You Think You Are

Like There’s No Tomorrow

I’ve had a couple of tears-streaming-down my face moments, this week. Last night I watched a DVD from my local library called What Would Jesus Buy? It’s a documentary film by Morgan Spurlock, the same man who did Supersize Me. The documentary is funny, but by the end, I found myself with those tears running… Continue reading Like There’s No Tomorrow

Megan Kemp’s Dying Wish

Posting this with just a little bit of trepidation, but it appears to be legitimate. Megan Kemp is a mother with breast cancer who has a dream: to design a gown for Lady Gaga. This made me cry. I admire Megan’s courage, and I hope she gets her chance to live her dream. Time is… Continue reading Megan Kemp’s Dying Wish

Waking Up Routinely

I’d like to share a couple of things with y’all that I have been trying out, in order to help increase my productivity and get my life moving in the right direction. On July 31, 2012, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus hosted a guest essayist on their website, I’m a subscriber to their… Continue reading Waking Up Routinely


Look at me! I’m starting another blog! As I told my hero & friend, Chris Brogan: I’m crazy, but I’m crazy in a good way. Just wait and see. In January of 2011, my increasing involvement in social media (twitter, specifically, as @jackinessity) led me to dream of finding work within the industry. As part of… Continue reading Woot!