You Are Better Than You Think You Are

You don’t have to fit in. Stop trying to be perfect. You are never going to reach perfection. Stop it. Really.

Start trying to be better. Improve. You will never be perfect, yet you can be excellent. You can become extraordinary. You can live out your vision and your life purpose.

There is no causal relationship between the size of a person’s paycheck and the goodness in their human soul.

That’s right: Being rich doesn’t make you good. Having things doesn’t mean you are more valuable. The weak and the broken, they too are human souls, and they have value and purpose and meaning, too. I believe this. I KNOW this.

I know because I have been broken and I have been wrong. I have lost sight of my own values. I have been weak. I have made mistakes. I have screwed up. I have betrayed people that I loved. I have hurt people who didn’t deserve to be hurt. I have let people down, and I have let myself down. I have suffered and I have caused suffering.

I still have value, and I believe that I matter.

I believe that I can start again. I can fail and yet, I can have the courage every day to start over, and I can still make a difference. I have value. I am worthy. The past can’t be erased, but I can accept the consequences of my past actions and move forward.

Don’t tell me that your own hands are clean. We are all in this together. There is no one of us who is purely good and perfect.

You are not your job. I am not my job. I am a whole person, with dreams and relationships, with ideas and traditions, with values and interests. I don’t belong to the companies I work for. I belong to myself.

Yes, I need money. I want to find meaningful work. I want to contribute. Hell, I’d go further than that. I want to change the world. I want to rock the world. I want to change minds. I want to win friends and influence people. I want to make good things. I want to have meaningful conversations. I want to kick ass and take names.

I want to do it my own stubborn, hardheaded, backwards way. Because there is a rhyme and reason to my own life. I don’t have to accept anyone else’s way as my own.

I happen to believe that most of y’all are living by a rules and values system that I happen to reject. Yes, I am doing it all wrong. But I am doing it. It’s my life.

I don’t have all the answers.

But I can tell you that you matter. Your life matters.

It matters to the people you love. It matters to the people you touch. It matters to your family, the ones you are related to by blood, and the ones you choose.

More than that, you are a part of this world. Your life affects many, many other people that you may never see. You can’t see the thirteen year old girl working in the sweatshop on the other side of the globe, but you are connected to her. You can’t see the grandmother, stooped over in the field, picking the tomatoes that ended up on your dinner plate, but you are connected to her.

You matter to me. Your being here matters to me.

I want us to stop our indifference for just one moment, and remember how connected we all are. What you will do today fucking matters. Who you touch matters. How we treat each other matters.

You are better than you think you are. Who will you reach, today?

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