Baby Never Let Me Go: A Totally Cliché Love Song


Baby, Never Let Me Go


My life is completely changed by you

It’s completely rearranged by you

All my dreams are finally coming true

You’ve run off with my heart


Your love knocks me out, baby

Fills me up with desire

I love you more than words can say

Oh, baby, it burns me up like a fire


Without you I was missing a piece

Oh baby you are my whole life

You have made my life complete

Your love just feels so nice


And it’s gonna last ill the end of time,

Hold me close,

Baby baby, never let me go.

No matter what happens, oh,

Love will find a way, open every door

Oh baby, hold me and never let me go


I’ll do anything for you

Climb the highest mountain for you, girl

I would die for you, don’t you see

you are my whole world

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