Live Like a (Misfit) Warrior (Princess)

@jackinessity does some jackieoke to cheer up her friend Gigi. With a unicorn on her head. For some reason known only to her and possibly, the unicorn.

Dear #90DaystoEllen team: Thank You. I’m so Proud of You!

Just a bit over 90 days ago, I find myself sitting down to dinner with a rather special bunch of people. The two across from me, Bryan and Courtney Kramer, are the power duo behind PureMatter social, an agency in San Jose, California that runs cutting-edge marketing campaigns for some pretty cool clients. The couple… Continue reading Dear #90DaystoEllen team: Thank You. I’m so Proud of You!

Video Blog: 08/24/2013

@jackinessity practices showing appreciation and gratitude for a night at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, CA.

A Couple of Quick Cool New Things

I just discovered this today: I thought it was pretty cool. Also, a reminder to myself to get back into using Twylah: And finally, my friend Jordan works at a ROCKIN’ SF startup called NewHive, which is fantastic: I’d say more, but I’m just at the discovery stage for all three, myself.… Continue reading A Couple of Quick Cool New Things

@jackinessity ‘s Bucket List 2013

Rusty Bucket © Jim Gensheer (Watercolor)   Bucket List: 1) Learn to ride the unicycle 2) Own a pet monkey So You Think You Want a Monkey Edit: Apparently pet monkeys are inadvisable: a bit of brief research proved that I should stick to zoo visits, and own a cat, instead 🙂 Another childhood dream bites… Continue reading @jackinessity ‘s Bucket List 2013

How to Change a Life: The Story of a Friendship

In Which @jackinessity Reads an Essay How to even begin to tell this story? I will start it back in time: March 9, 2011. It was an ordinary day. I was in my cubicle, at work, in Santa Clara, CA. I was still employed at the time as a Customer Service Representative for a Semiconductor… Continue reading How to Change a Life: The Story of a Friendship

A Few Things I Made Lately

Here are some art projects I’ve been working on this past week after my return from Misfit, Fargo: This is a copy of an experimental “twitter essay” that I published from the Greyhound bus on my return trip from Fargo, ND.   This is a piece of art called #dontarguewithartists, about the mythical Unicorn that… Continue reading A Few Things I Made Lately