Cross-Post: On Not Using My Powers For Good

As originally posted today on I promised to use my powers for good. I probably even meant it when I said it. It certainly did not seem like this would present a problem. Then, someone took me at my word. Ok, he said. Go ahead, now, and while you are at it, take this sword… Continue reading Cross-Post: On Not Using My Powers For Good

I’m Just a Girl

Go ahead. Blame Virginia Woolf. I’m about to have a tantrum. Now, I have two kids, and they’re pretty good kids, but one thing they do pretty well at being horrid at is having tantrums. There’s screaming involved, sometimes shrieking, depending on which kid we’re talking about. There are flying limbs, and flying objects. There’s… Continue reading I’m Just a Girl

In Which I Keep Breathing

  Sometimes I really don’t know where to go next. I’d love to just spill my guts all over the internet. As you may know from my last couple of posts, I’m closely following the work of AJ Leon and Misfit, Inc, especially ever since I was selected as one of the conference participants for… Continue reading In Which I Keep Breathing