Hi there! I’m Jackie Lea Shelley, and I like you already. Probably.

I am an Idealist, Mama, and Warrior Princess.,  I am not an aardvark, but am an artist. I have been painting in watercolors for over 15 years. Every portrait I create is done with intense love, with a deep desire to show other people how beautiful they are and how beautiful is their love for each other. Also, with plenty of coffee. My hobbies are being obnoxious on the internet, researching bikinis during winter rainstorms, and making beautiful things that get me so excited that I forget to eat. Boobs and spreadsheets are two of my favorite things.

I also like lace underwear, dark chocolate, sunsets, pianos and very small humans and cats. I love my offspring like anything. I’m a geek, I overthink everything, forget to finish most of the things I start, and like Wednesdays.

I collect adventures and beautiful people. I have mad ADHD, occasionally debilitating social anxiety, arithmophobia, and am probably one of the most loyal people you will ever meet.

I love what I do, and win at all the things.

The best way to get to know me is probably still through social media, so for now, just go follow me on twitter.




However, as I gradually get more active, I do feel like I should put some kind of biography here.

Right now, I’m just starting. This is what you get.

This is more or less me, recently. Well, it was. Until I dyed my hair purple.

IMG_0915So actually, now this is more or less me:

jakavimay2013Once upon a time, I was born. Shortly thereafter, geek training commenced. Me at age four on a TRS-80. Wearing suspenders:

trs80And with my first computer, a  TI-994A:

Nothing has really changed. The photo says it all, really 🙂


This is me with a shortish Batman.


That was when I went to college.

This is meant to represent me being all tech geeky.


Goth phase. Probably best photo of me ever taken.


Hippie phase.

monkeysMy autobiography at age 11.

Yeah, I’m working on it.

Or, tell me something special now:

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